Additional Information related to the mailing of Acupuncture and our Immune system.  

Adequate Nitric Oxide affects the beneficial results our immune system. 


August. 2020

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Underneath you will find more details to our alternative acu-pressure-device and some studies on Nitric oxide linked to acupuncture, in relation to our immune system.   

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Use at Practice 

Initially, the Hummmit was intended for the application to increase our immunity, and thus to improve the quality of various treatments, such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, etc.

But recently, it has been found that the application of the Hummmit can also help against the threat of Covid-19, based on sufficient Nitric Oxide. This as stated in the latest article in the Boston herald by Dr. Lou Ignarro and Dr. Walker.

Because of this good news we decided to try to bring this to your attention, for the benefit of all who are involved.  We bring the Hummmit to you with a (try out) whole-sale price of 50% off, to make it also valuable for your participation.  Normal whole-sale will be 35%. The Hummmit itself as an alternative device to the coronavirus as such,  has not been approved by the FDA, but the function and result obtained by improving Nitric Oxide has been widely demonstrated.  The use of inhaled nitric oxide has been approved by the FDA and is safe, and the Hummmit comes as an alternative acupressure-point device and is available without a prescription.


To substantiate this data for you;

Please refer to one of the latest studies linked to these statements describing the value of Nitric oxide and nitrite and nitrate.  Since inhaled NO is an alternative to promote the level of nitrate and nitrite, especially for those who experience a reduced production of Nitric oxide due to aging, the use of the Hummmit can help to safe from infections.


Second, we add the publication stating the value of the Hummmit by using less than 20 ppm,  Inhaled Nitric Oxide coded for 5 and 20 ppm. Dose. The Hummmit brings between the 5 and 15 ppm,  Nitric Oxide by normal use.  The final outcomes were similar for both doses, but the 20 ppm dose produced a significantly faster response  important when acquired.


When you which to order for a first try-out, we will send you the steps for ordering for Wholesale, drop shipping, etc.  Allow us for some extra days for shipping of product, due to the varying Covid-19 circumstances. 

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For any personal questions, you can also call our distributor in New Mexico, 
Tomas Nunes (Santa Fe):  phone number:  +1-7143503924 

*Attached underneath:  Study’s on acupuncture and NO,  study  Kiel, Germany.

Product documentation / Flyer 

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Nitric Oxide Signaling Molecules in Acupuncture Points: Toward Mechanisms of Acupuncture

Enhanced Nitric Oxide Concentrations and Expression of Nitric Oxide Synthase in Acupuncture points/meridians


Conducting a neuropsychological test with up to 20 subjects as part of a clinical study. 

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Use at Home