The Humming Mask, improves your
lung-capacity up to 40%

Based on studies and experiences, without any medicine, now you can  improve your DEEP  breathing feelings again.

Based on inhaled Nitric oxide (iNO) you can breathe

deeply and satisfied again. 

The use of Inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA approved

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Study finds “Nitric oxide” reliefs COPD
The HUMMING MASK FOR  Deep breathing again

Inhaled Nitric oxide. 

Depending on the severity of your COPD with the help of your own natural Bio-Nitric oxide, over time, you can take deeper breaths again, with a growing feeling of satisfaction.


How does it works?
The Humming mask is activating the air in our sinuses what is filled with Bio-Nitric oxide up to 20 ppm. Inhaled Nitric oxide has the ability to supply the small blood vessels with extra oxygen that makes an increased up-take up to 40%.  At the same time Nitric oxide will reduce the progression of lung infections, and prevent lung infections   what improve the overall lung-capacity making you more free breathing. We do have results that people will come down from 3 to 4 times a common cold or flu per year, to years without any colt picked up. Inhaled Nitric oxide is FDA approved.


COPD in general is not reversible, but with the right amounts supply of O2, to the alveoli’s due to increased NO, the uptake of O2 can be much higher giving you more satisfied feeling of breathing. Using the Humming mask daily (improve your NO level) will keep the alveoli’s open, and prevent progression. When we receive more Oxygen, we will increase our immunity against infections, we will sleep better, what implicate an overall stronger health and higher wellbeing.    



Medical explanation
For those who more interested in the function of the Humming mask, and extracted nitric oxide we explain: The smooth muscles in the small airways from and to the alveoli’s, (see the picture “smooth muscle contraction”) in COPD they are contracted. One of the wonderful functions of Nitric oxide is that from nature it will not only  relax the smooth muscles for more air passing, but Dr. Jonathan Stamler just discovered in 2018 that Nitric oxide is also needed to exchange oxygen, something medicine does not. Smooth muscles can be found all over the body, in all organs, but especially in all vein walls and the walls of the respiratory system. Using the mask will relieve you from shortness of breath even when using already medicine.