Inhaled Nitric oxide as treatment can improve our immune system and help reduce progression of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Underneath, you find a recent published explanation which reveals the basis on the overall healthy breathing technique. Vital Health Inventions LLC has implemented this procedure in her latest product the Hummmit©. (A facial humming device) used for activating the air from the sinuses containing Bio-Nitric oxide.  An independent study has resulted in evidence that Human Humming may help to reduce and prevent virus infections such as Covid-19.  


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Could nasal nitric oxide help to mitigate the severity of COVID-19?​


The nasal cavity and turbinates play important physiological functions by filtering, warming and humidifying inhaled air. Paranasal sinuses continually produce nitric oxide (NO), a reactive oxygen species that diffuses to the bronchi and lungs to produce bronchodilatory and vasodilatory effects. Studies indicate that NO may also help to reduce respiratory tract infection by inactivating viruses and inhibiting their replication in epithelial cells. In view of the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), clinical trials have been designed to examine the effects of inhaled nitric oxide in COVID-19 subjects. 

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Based on the study of lung infections in younger and older people, which can be caused by the new Corona virus, or covid-19, Inhaled Nitric Oxide can help to reduce the development of viruses. The function of the Hummmit is based on this effect of nitric oxide, since inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) can be absorbed in the respiratory system by activating the Nitric Oxide originated from the sinuses.

The study presented by Dr. Andrew Bowser; Inhaled nitric oxide improves activity in pulmonary fibrosis patients at risk of PH 

Previous studies also showed that inhaled Nitric Oxide is used in SARS and MERS to reduce pneumonia caused by viruses from the same coronavirus family. The Covid-19 as we now know can causes mild to severe pneumonia, where now the Hummmit  can help based on this randomized to placebo of blinded study.

Quotation: the findings so far suggest that inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) is a potentially effective treatment option for patients at risk for pulmonary hypertension. (source: Andrew Bowser.) The humming mask works on the basis of a low dose of "natural" inhaled Nitric Oxide from our sinuses.

In addition to the effect that iNO act as an inhibitor on a virus that causes MERS & SARS, the Humming mask can help with recovery due to stronger immunity, which may also help to reduce the development of pneumonia.