De Hummmit© draagt bij aan een mentaal en fysiek evenwicht.

A breakthrough in the world of sleep.

Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated March 2021.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. 

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Sleep is an important part of your daily routine, you spend about one-third of your time doing it.

Sleep Stages

There are two basic types of sleep:  rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep (which has three different stages).  Each is linked to specific brain waves and neuronal activity.  Stage 1 non-REM sleep is the changeover from wakefulness to sleep.  Stage 2 non-REM sleep is a period of light sleep before you enter deeper sleep. Stage 3 non-REM sleep is the longest

period and deep sleep that you need for recovery and to feel refreshed in the morning.  It occurs in longer periods during the first half of the night.  Your heartbeat and breathing slow to their lowest levels during sleep. Your muscles are relaxed and it may be difficult to awaken you.  Brain waves become even slower.

Finally, the first REM sleep occurs about 90 minutes after falling asleep.  Your eyes move rapidly from side to side behind closed eyelids.  In this stage you are the closest to waking-up. While using the Hummmit we bypass Stage 1 and Stage 2. And brings you directly into your "recovery sleep", (Stage 3 / deep sleep).  

Insomnia: About 25 percent of Americans experience acute insomnia each year, but fortunately about 75 to 80 percent of these individuals recover without developing persistent poor sleep or chronic insomnia. A recent study (2020), published by the AHA (American Heart Association), explains that an insufficient Nitric Oxide (NO) level causes sleep disorders and High blood pressure. For more details, click “Here”.

New studies explain the importance of NO (Nitric Oxide) the main molecule forming naturally the hormones we need for deep healthy sleep. This part of the sleep cycle is the most important part of recovery. When using the mask you will pass the light sleep experience a 

We lose the ability to fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep due to the lack of Nitric Oxide in the limbic system. (figure 1). Nitric Oxide (NO) decreases due to, for example, a low standard of living, (junk food, smoking, alcohol, etc.), but also "aging" is an important factor, why we suffer from less NO causes insomnia. (Fig. 2.) 

The Loss of NO

We lose the production of NO mainly through aging. Reaching the 50+ years affects our production of NO with a drawback of 50% (Fig.2) At the age of 60/70, we only have 15% NO left ! The decline in NO production is stuck in our BIO-clock as we (sadly) have to give way for the new generation(s) to come. In addition to increasing insomnia, insufficient Nitric Oxide is also a major cause of most geriatric (aging problems) disorders, like high blood, diabetes, ED, stroke, and more. 

To compensate this loss of Nitric Oxide, Vital Health Invention LLC developed the Hummmit which activates our “Sinus Nitric Oxide” with a <95>-hertz resonance. A sleep study with the Hummmit (The Humming mask) at the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie (ZiP) gGmbH, (Germany) resulted in a 95% better sleep under 20 healthy volunteers** (Click here)

How does the mask work?

Our sinuses are major producers of a permanent high quantity of BIO-Nitric Oxide, in a value of between the <10 and 40 ppm. The Hummmit allows the air in the sinuses to resonate (humming effect) at the exact frequency, a comfortable intensity, and a programmed timing for recharging the sinuses. By inhaling the "NO-air" via the ostium's and the nasal cavities, we restore the lost NO in our system and solve insomnia and many geriatric disorders. (see the references underneath). With the Hummmit we can help most people who have difficulties falling asleep, and sleeping the night through without drugs or side effects.. 

Is Nitric Oxide safe?

More than. Besides it is a natural molecule, the application of much higher concentrations of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) has been used for newborns and adults for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. A daily humming vibration is safe and the frequencies used can be compared to speaking loudly, singing and playing vibrating mouth instruments. No doctor's prescription is required for the Hummmit. For more details please see the FAQ click here.

The promise of operation.

In terms of the result of the function, apart from the fact that you will notice a better sleep immediately following the first time use, and our policy "not satisfied money back"  you can also measure the effectiveness of the Hummmit by better blood pressure, (before and after) and by measuring the nitrite value using a urine test strip which shows the working function too. The effect of the Hummmit was tested in Germany at the "Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZiP gGmb", with a result of 95% positive effects in a random controlled sleep study. (see link underneath)**** 

How to use the Hummmit?

For improved sleep, the mask is used best in bed just before sleep, while reading a book, meditate or just relax. The Nasal Tubes that are included must be inserted in the nostrils making nasal breathing easier. Nasal breathing is an important part we withdraw the Bio-Nitric oxide from our sinuses. In addition to other devices, you do not need to keep the mask on your face the whole night, as the improved hormones will do the job. After one or two programs, (20 minutes per program) depending on the severity, we can take off the mask and go to sleep. Sleeping sideways is the best position to avoid mouth-breathing.


Using the Hummmit provides you peace of mind, is relaxing, and enjoyable to do. Using the mask will become a wonderful daily habit for a recovered normal sleep and for an improved general health. Order now risk-free and your sleepless nights are problems of the past and without any side effects. 


You can order with our "not satisfied return" policy, warranted under the PayPal security-buy. Here you are 100% safe on a Risk-free Buy. The Hummmit comes with a full-year warranty of function. VHI LLC. offers worldwide aftersales service. PayPal guaranteed.

Where to buy?

The Hummmit is exclusively for sale on the internet and through our resellers. For a list of representatives, click here.  You can order direct on this site. As long we are at war against the invisible viruses, we do offer a discount of 10%, through our dealers, inclusive free shipping. (available in the USA). For international different shipping rates apply.

Fig.1.  When using the Hummmit, Nitric Oxide  from the sinuses, will reach the limbic system via the Olfactory,  which increases the hormones needed for sleep.  

Fig.2. The draw back of Nitric oxide in age.

Fig.3.  Nitric Oxide obtained from our sinuses, up to 40 ppm, to improve our NO level.   

Fig.4. Over the years more than 4500 Hummmits are in use with various healthy results. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is safe and approved by the FDA (US) and the EMA (Europe). 

 The Hummmit: $ 299.-  (Excl. your Discount incl. shipping)

1 Humming Mask Base (programmable base)
1 Face Mask
1  Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes) for optimal breathing

2 Set of 3 Silicone face pads (reusable)
2  Set Soft 3 foam face pads
1- Wall power supply
1- Manual / Quick Start
1- Travel Case

1- One year warranty

ROI:  (Return on investment) $ 26ct. per day over two years. Risk-Free trail on our money back policy. Assured on Paypal purchace. 


Risicovrij, 30 dagen retour, gebruik code: "Take back" voor 35% korting.


      Quote: We conclude that iNOS-produced neuronal NO is an important homeostatic factor promoting recovery sleep

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