The Humming Mask © draagt bij aan een mentaal en fysiek evenwicht.

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Good day to you and salutation.

We like to welcome you to our site, to inform you about the basic and latest information around and about the highly personal topic “benign prostatic hyperplasia” (BPH), and the improvement of our health in general by using our (Natural) Bio-Nitric oxide.

Before you start reading how we can help, we think it is good to explain why the Humming mask was developed.  The Humming Mask was developed to increase the level of Nitric oxide (NO) in our system, the molecule “NO” what we all lose due to aging. (See the picture underneath).  

Not many people are aware of this phenomenon, but numerous studies show that an insufficient level of NO is the basis of deterioration in health. With a low level of NO the oxygenation to our cells decrease dramatically. This is the root of the problem that, among others, will influence the smooth muscles in all our organs and glands including the prostate. When using the Humming Mask we can control this loss with the Nitric Oxide from our sinuses, which is permanently available. There is no direct need for a transurethral resection (surgery ), or other physical treatment, as the effect of relaxed smooth muscles will be noticeable even the first time you use the mask. This not only beneficial to your prostate problem but is functional to many aspects of your health.  

According to the underneath study(s) one of the reasons why we develop over time prostate problems is due to an insufficient level of Nitric Oxide in our system which has a negative effect on "smooth muscles" in the prostate. This Meta Study (Feb. 2020) confirmed that increased Nitric Oxide helps to reduce an enlarged prostate and inhibit the PSA level.*

The Humming Mask is a face massage device that works by resonance of the air in our sinuses containing a high amount of Nitric Oxide what we can apply to raise our overall NO level instantly. As said,  this effect is already visible the first night due to for example a reduced number of nightly toilet trips. This result is obtained due to an improved NO value which is in line with the aforementioned study. Other benefits of a healthy NO- level are improved blood pressure, and improved sleep pattern, lower cholesterol, more energy, and more.  More healthy details you can read on this site, all scientifically proven in many official published studies.  A sufficient NO is necessary for the functioning of almost all organs in our system and now also as shown to use for a more healthy PSA level. ​

According to this latest study;  a sufficient Level of Nitric Oxide is important for: 

  1. Optimal PSA level

  2. Less toilet trips in the night  

  3. Thus an increase quality of sleep

  4. And also, but perhaps not the first reason for you, an absolute reversed erectile dysfunction.

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Why do we lose our natural production of NO in the first place? That knowledge is all about our Bio-Clock. Unfortunately, at a certain moment we all need to step aside for our new generation(s) to come.  When studying our Bio-Clock we will discover that slowly we lose our important Nitric Oxide which is needed for “sufficient Oxygen supply” to all cells, to survive. (This is recently discovered by Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler). At the age of 60/70 we only produce still 15 percent of the volume compared to when we were 30 years old. By using the Humming Mask daily just before sleep, for approximately 20 minutes, we will boost our NO level and benefit again of the results of a sufficient volume of Nitric Oxide in our system which strengthens our health in general.

We invite you to try the Humming Mask and you will be amazed of the results of this machine. We do have as normal, a “not satisfied and you are free to send it back service”, but you can be assured that you will not use this option after trying out.

You can read the attached studies for an objective view on the function of (inhaled) NO and the positive affects you can achieve by using the Humming Mask, and all other benefits due to a improved Nitric Oxide level. NO supplements as special foods to increase the production of NO can help, but as the enzymes who transfer L-arginine in Nitric Oxide, are decreased the reason why production is insufficient over time. 

*The Yin Yang Role of Nitric Oxide in Prostate Cancer


*Phase II study of nitric oxide donor for men with increasing prostate-specific antigen level after surgery or radiotherapy for prostate cancer.


The Humming Mask in short: 
1. The mask activates our own (Natural) Bio-Nitric Oxide originated from our sinuses and nasal cavities.
2. Nitric Oxide is the proven Molecule of Life to maintain our PHYSICAL and MENTAL health for the years to come.

3. It reverses the lost production of our Bio-Nitric Oxide.

4. Using the Humming Mask improves our Health and increases our Immunity, while we rest, relax or meditate.

5. Inhaled Nitric Oxide (5-20 ppm) is FDA approved.

6. The Humming mask is an "Over The Counter" device, (OTC) and a prescription is not needed.

7. Have a look to our portfolio at the home page. 

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