De Hummmit© draagt bij aan een mentaal en fysiek evenwicht.

For optimal Recovery sleep.

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Medically reviewed by  O. Bengebara MD.  Updated Aril 2021.

Inhaled nitric Oxide is FDA Approved. 
Increase your Recovery Sleep  100% Naturally 
(Drug free solution)

Background:  The Hummmit (Humming mask).

Nitric Oxide (NO) is an important molecule needed for optimal Health.* But due to our Bio-Clock over time we lose the production of it. (Fig. 2.)  The production of this NO can be improved following the right diet, keep up exercising and using some supplements. But after passing the age of 40/50 years, we will lose this effect also. (See the underneath video from Dr. Nathan Bryan). To keep up our health and avoid fast aging with the (geriatric) aging symptoms, we can improve our NO level by activating our “Sinus Nitric Oxide” by Natural humming.  By using the Hummmit we activate the NO in our sinuses improving our health, beauty and wellbeing, in many ways.

Dear client WELCOME;

Sleep is an integral part of our daily routine. If all goes well, we spend about one-third of our time doing it. On this page you will read how the Hummmit can help with Insomnia. (Substantiated).

Sleep Stages, 
There are two basic stages of sleep: The rapid eye movement rem sleep and NON-REM sleep, which has three different stages. 
Each stage of this NON-REM is linked to specific brain waves and neuronal activity.  Stage 1 of this NON-REM sleep is the changeover from wakefulness to sleep. Stage 2 non-REM sleep is a period of light sleep before you enter deeper (3) recovery sleep.  Stage 3 sleep is the longest, approx 90 minutes. Stage 3 is the most important stage as it recovers and cleans the brain to feel refreshed the next morning. In the REM sleep we can have intense dreams, since our brain is more active and close to waking up.


Research shows that in most cases, we suffer from Insomnia due to the lack of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the limbic system (figure 1). 
We lose our Nitric Oxide because of a low standard of living (eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.), but the most important factor is aging. (Fig. 2.) Using the Hummm-it will stimulate our Nitric Oxide (NO), which brings us immediately into the recovery sleep, Stage 3, bypassing stage 1 and 2. of the NON-REM sleep.

Why the Hummmit (nitric oxide) will work Naturally for us; 
Sleep will be created in the basal forebrain, by the use of “sleep hormones”. The most important hormones are melatonin, adenosine, and growth hormone (somatotropin). 
They all are activated by our Bio-Nitric Oxide*. (see studies underneath). As our NO is 100% natural there are not any side effects and will work instantly. From the above information, you can see that all other possible “solutions” will not work unless the hormones are created. Chemical meds try to imitate the role of hormones resulting in certain side effects, makes us foggy and addictive. A good level of NO has more healthy functions than improve sleep alone.

Our sinuses are major producers of a permanent high quantity of BIO-Nitric Oxide, in a value of between <10 and 40 ppm. The Hummmit allows the air in the sinuses to resonate (humming effect) at the exact frequency, intensity, and a programmed timing for recharging the sinuses. With this improved Nitric Oxide, hormones are activated, making us fall asleep instantly*. A sleep study with the Hummmit at the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie (ZiP) gGmbH (Germany) resulted in a 95% better sleep under 20 healthy volunteers.****  (Click here)

How to use the Hummmit?

In contrast to most other devices, you do not need to keep the mask on your face the whole night, as the improved Nitric Oxide / hormones will let you sleep. We use the mask in bed or just before sleep while reading a book, meditating, or relaxing. Nasal Tubes are included for easy breathing if nasal breathing is difficult. Nasal breathing is an essential part as we withdraw the Bio-Nitric oxide from our sinuses. After one, two, or three programs (20 minutes per program), depending on the severity, we can take off the mask and go to sleep. Sleeping sideways is the best position to avoid mouth-breathing and sleep apnea.

Using the Hummmit provides you peace of mind, is relaxing, and is enjoyable to do. Using the mask will become a wonderful daily habit for a recovered and normal sleep, resulting in improved health in general.

Working method and function
The mask comes with 4 programs 1,2,3 and the "S" program. The duration of the modes 1,2 and 3, are each 22 minutes which give when is chosen for "3" a run time of 3 x 22 minutes = 66 minutes, and program 2 = 44 minutes. Each program provides the required frequency, the intensity of the resonance, and the clock-time.
One program has a Clock-time of 5 runs of 2 minutes each, with in between 4 pauses of 3 minutes. The time for pause is used to charge the sinuses' with new Nitric Oxide. The “S” mode, is for the combination of meditation and sleep, waving between Theta and Delta. 
Using program “1” of 22 minutes brings a “Deep” recovery sleep of between the 2 and 2.5 hour. Program “2” (44 minutes) brings deep recovery sleep of 2.5 to 3.5 hour, and program “3” bring up to 4 hours deep sleep. Experience learns that some people use the mask two times a night, especially for people of age who wake up easily.     

Is Nitric Oxide safe?

Yes, it is. Nitric Oxide is a natural molecule and can be compared to the production of vitamin D. also natural produced by our body due to sunlight. Applications of much higher concentrations of inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) has been used for newborns and adults for many years. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is approved by the FDA (US) & EMA (Europe) and most other countries. Daily humming vibration is safe, and the frequencies used can be compared to humming mantra's, speaking loudly, singing, and playing vibrating mouth instruments. A doctor's prescription is not required for the Hummm-it. For more details, please see the FAQ  click here.

The security of operation.

The Hummmit will provide "a better sleep immediately following the first time use." However, if you are not satisfied, our money-back policy gives you security. You can measure the effectiveness of the Hummmit by better blood pressure (before and after) and by measuring the nitrite value using a urine test strip, which shows the working function. 


You can order with our "not satisfied" return policy, warranted under the PayPal security-buy. Here, you are 100% safe on a Risk-Free Buy. The Hummmit comes with a full-year warranty of function. VHI LLC. offers worldwide aftersales service. PayPal guaranteed.

ROI (return of investment.

The quality of the mask makes it durable, and goes for 3 years+ under normal use. This gives us a daily cost of approximately 0.25 ct. per day/night.   

Where to buy?

The Hummmit is exclusively for sale on the internet and through our resellers. For a list of representatives, click here. You can order direct on this site. As long we are at war against the invisible viruses, we do offer a discount of 10%, through our dealers, including free shipping (available in the USA). For international, different shipping rates appl​y.


      Quote: We conclude that iNOS-produced neuronal NO is an important homeostatic factor promoting recovery sleep

  • *** Nitric oxide-mediated recovery sleep is attenuated with aging (READ MORE)

       Quote: We found that in aged rats as compared to young (1) recovery 
        NREM sleep intensity was significantly decreased

  • ****Use of the Humming Mask improves the sleep of healthy elderly. (READ MORE)

       Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie ZIP gGmbH



Risicovrij, 30 dagen retour, gebruik code: "Take back" voor 35% korting.

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Fig.1.  When using the Hummmit, Nitric Oxide  from the sinuses, will reach the limbic system via the Olfactory,  which increases the hormones needed for sleep.  

Fig.2. The draw back of Nitric oxide in age.

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Fig.3.  Nitric Oxide obtained from our sinuses, up to 40 ppm, to improve our NO level.   

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Fig.4. Over the years more than 4500 Hummmits are in use with various healthy results. Inhaled Nitric Oxide is safe and approved by the FDA (US) and the EMA (Europe). 

International Health Exhibition (Frankfurt, Germany). The Humming mask Introduced as a mask against Sleeplessness. "The proof: Staying awake is an impossible task).

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 The Hummmit: $ 299.-  (Excl. Discount incl. Shipping)

1 Humming Mask Base (programmable base)
1 Face Mask
1  Set NasalVent Tubes (5 sizes) for optimal breathing

2 Set of 3 Silicone face pads (reusable)
2  Set Soft 3 foam face pads
1- Wall power supply
1- Manual / Quick Start
1- Travel Case

1- One year warranty

ROI:  (Return on investment) $ 24ct. per day over two/three years. Risk-Free trail on our money back policy. Assured on Paypal purchace.