Hypertension, Nitric oxide, and the Hummm-it.


Due to our Bio-clock, (fig.1) when we pass 55 years of age, we only have 35% production of Nitric oxide, (NO) left.  If we pass the 60 years only 20%. At 75 we only have 15% left. Some people do have insufficient NO production by nature.

What is NO?

Nitric oxide is an important gas and a free radical which is now recognized to have very important physiological roles. It causes blood vessels to widen and stimulates blood flow, and the release of certain hormones, such as insulin and human growth hormone.


Impaired nitric oxide production leads to a contraction of underlying vascular smooth muscle, instead of relaxation, the direct cause of hypertension. Good blood flow ensures “clean veins”, correct cholesterol ratio, and prevents blood clots (Stroke).  NO is multifunctional and therefore indispensable for our health.  Many official published studies support this.

We all lose the production of  NO in a natural way. Namely; our Bio-Clock ensures aging and a forced farewell because we have to make room for the new generation(s). As a result, we lose more and more strength and Energy and we become more vulnerable by reducing our immunity (resistance) and develop many small and bigger mental and physical problems until the end. We can improve our NO level by having a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, and more exercise. But due to aging and the loss of the enzymes responsible for NO production, we still lose the important NO, even when changing our lifestyle and or using supplements.


A successful and healthy way to solve or lessen the effect of most geriatric problems is to replenish NO in our system. For this, we can use the NO from our sinuses, as our sinuses are major producers of  NO **. The NO is permanently available in high concentration as it acts as the first line of defense against viruses, bacteria, and other germs while we breathe.


When Humming, we activate quantity the outflow of Nitric oxide I a 15 fold, and we can correct our NO level.  This naturally reduces most conditions, including hypertension, which is the most important element of healthy functioning.  Using the Hummmit makes this all possible.

Wake-up call on Beta-blockers! 


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Our aim is to bring a healthy solution, based on our "own" Bio-Nitric oxide, the molecule for multifunctionality in our health and special with the focus on the Use of beta-blockers and possible side effects.  Therefore, we like to show you the latest scientific study on the subject for which you-are-here:

                     "hypertension and beta-blockers".   
This study is the official published  Europian (Swedish/Italian) study that explains:  "Dementia is caused by the use of beta-blockers"**, something we not could imagine in the first place.

For a long time already we warn our clients about the side effects of the chemical Beta-Blockers. We know that lowering blood pressure can cause side effects because of withholding Oxygen to vital organs like kidneys, eyes, brain, etc.  but now for the first time, it is confirmed that beta-blockers can cause dementia.  Based on this information it is advised to consider a healthy alternative.

In addition to adopting a better lifestyle, which is undoubtedly important, we can now add the Hummmit, which helps our blood pressure / Nitric Oxide remain on the right level, while you can slowly taper-off medication in a safe way. (Check your blood pressure daily while you lower slowly intake meds. in deliberation with your specialist).


To get the complete picture, please read the abstract of the study: Beta-blocker therapy and risk of vascular dementia: A population-based prospective study** (Click “HERE”)

This study was published in March 2020