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This document refers to the Humming Mask © Model G3, 2020.  


Dear client/user,

First of all, we want to thank you for purchasing our revolutionary product and making the first step to an overall better health based on improving your own bio Nitric oxide (NO) level. This through the ancient process known as “humming” and practiced initially by the Tibetan monks, known for their exceptional health and long healthy lifespan.  


The importance of healthy Nitric oxide levels is explained in detail on our website, please go to, here you can read what NO is and why it is so important for our system and overall health.


For those who don't have the time to read through all this, we have created this document as a short abstract to understand which problems can be corrected with sufficient NO and how this works for you.


In general, this applies to all of us !

When we grow older, we gradually lose the ability to produce Nitric oxide. This process is a part of the bio-clock in each and every one of us that starts ticking from the day we get born. Up to our 20's we are able to produce 100% NO. Scientific studies proved that the biological production of NO starts decreasing after the age of 30, see picture below:



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Loss of sufficient Nitric oxide production by our body is the cause of many age-related ailments, proved in many scientific studies. From the above information, we can conclude that NO is essential for the proper functioning of our system and for an optimal blood flow and well-functioning brain.


Nitric oxide (NO) is essential for sufficient oxygen (O2) in our body cells and all human organs.

Below a list of physical and mental health issues that may be caused by a deficit of NO/O2:


  • hypertension ( high blood pressure)

  • insomnia ( sleeplessness )

  • anxiety and depressions

  • addictions ( drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling)

  • high bad cholesterol levels

  • enlarged prostate

  • menopause

  • skin aging process ( wrinkles )

  • arthritis

  • low resistance to air-born bacteria

  • diminished immune system

  • sinusitis

  • armd and glaucoma

  • incontinence

  • chronic sinusitis

  • stroke / heart attack

  • reportorial issues

  • development of dementia

  • stress-related mental and physical health issues

  • restlessness

  • concentration problems

  • adhd (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

  • Burn-out

  • overall loss of physical condition

  • accelerated aging

  • general lifestyle diseases


We realize this is an extensive list of health issues and you may think this is “too good to be true”, however, there might be even more issues that can be solved by “humming” which we love to hear from you! Please share your humming experiences with us. This sharing can help others to increase their quality of life too, Thank you !


The Power of Humming (too good to be true?)

Humming increases your production of Nitric Oxide (up to 15 times!) according to this study :




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Nitric oxide (NO) is a major relaxer of the smooth muscles in many if not all organs and works as a neurotransmitter resulting in the optimal function of the brain, thus affecting the quality of almost all functions in the body seen, in more than 114.000 studies conducted on Nitric oxide NO, published over a time period of approximately the past 15 years.


The Power of the Humming mask©

The Humming mask© is not a drug, it helps to simulate natural humming and will recuperate the level of NO in your system which is slowly vanishing as a result of our biologic clock and aging. This bio-clock is present in our system as we all need to make way for the next generation, however, the good news is:  it can be SLOWED DOWN. Call it anti-aging. Enzyme-less ready Nitric oxide is produced in the sinuses and nasal cavities and inhaled by breathing through the nose. Therefore nose-breathing is essential for this process. Unfortunately, there are many people in all age categories who breathe the wrong way, so-called mouth-breathers. Research showed that a staggering 61% of all people above the 30 are mouth breathers an important cause of many ailments.


When we start using the mask, we need to keep in mind that we allow our system to recover our own bio Nitric oxide over time. This is not an overnight process but needs some time, please allow 2-4 weeks for real results. In the case of hypertension (high blood pressure) however, the results are even faster. You can check your blood pressure before and after applying the mask and let your body do the work by receiving more Nitric oxide. You will see over a couple of days improvements in blood pressure as proof that your Nitric oxide has increased the levels in your system. To get back on track allow 2-4 weeks with 2-3 sessions per day depending on age. One session is 22 minutes, you may do up to 3 sessions at a time of your choice or 3 times one session during the day ( e.g. morning, afternoon and before going to bed).


When you use the mask it is highly important that you breathe in only through your nose !


In 2013  Prof. Dr. j Stamler discovered that Nitric oxide controls proteins in the body, helps transport oxygen to tissue and is critical to the physiological function of all organs and tissues, including the heart, lungs, the nervous system and immune system. Nitric oxide as the third gas in the respiratory system is needed to deliver oxygen into our finest blood vessels. Without or diminished NO we will be short of sufficient oxygen in our overall system and all our organs. Just recently it was discovered that not only physiological benefits were achieved by the increase of NO levels. The use of the Humming Mask is also beneficial in the treatment of all kinds of addictions. This is based on the presence of NO improving the learning process, the long-term memory and the implementations of altered behavior patterns originating from our subconscious mind which is dominant for over 90% of our cognitive actions and behavior. Therefore the mask can be used in counseling therapies and home use for aftercare. 


 The Humming Mask© Team J